Finding experts in one of Norway's
biggest companies

We engaged in a ten week project with Telenor to tackle a problem faced by many of their employees related to finding experts.

Design to Product

We had to make something which would be useful for a range of employees. Therefore, we spent nearly two months of our time designing, iterating, testing and iterating some more, and we tested the product with twelve employees across multiple countries to get a representative sampling.

Since we created usable end-to-end prototypes for each round of testing, the feature scope and tech requirements were very well defined through the process. By the time we started coding, a complete set of comps and interaction flows were spec’d out with animations in Flinto – so we only spent three weeks on coding!

Chat Bot

One of the concepts we tested, that ultimately did not make the cut, was a chat bot. Our assumption was that users might identify with a chat interface in this problem space. We prototyped a working chat bot using API.AI, our own web service and Slack integrations. Users loved the idea of a chat bot, but it turns out they didn’t find it intuitive. Users were not familiar with querying for information or searching based on sentences, and functions that require explicit commands (such as starting a new search) were difficult to understand.

Our Process

  • Conducted a workshop with our Telenor clients to understand user needs, business needs, and formulate hypotheses
  • Designed solutions in Sketch, MarvelApp and Flinto
  • Built a chat bot prototype for user testing
  • User tested two iterations of the solution (app and chat bot) with Telenor employees
  • Conducted background research with Telenor HR
  • Delivered a fully functional iOS app – installable by Telenor employees through TestFlight
  • Designed and delivered promotional materials about the product for use internally at Telenor

Wrapping Up

Our ultimate deliverable was an iOS app that Telenor employees around the globe are now testing. We also made recommendations on how to proceed in the problem space, and Telenor is taking this project forward internally.

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Telenor is also the largest provider of TV services in the Nordic region. Telenor has mobile operations in some of the world’s fastest growing markets. Its home market, Norway, is one of the most advanced in the world today.